Italian Sub with Cherry Peppers and Peperoncini

There’s a reason that Italian subs are so popular, and we’re pretty sure it’s because our Giuliano jars pair so well with the delicious ingredients. Here’s our favorite way to dress up an Italian sandwich.


Italian Bread
Tomatoes, sliced
Onions, sliced
Lettuce, shredded
Ham, sliced
Salami, sliced
Capicola, sliced
Provolone cheese
1 jar Giuliano Peperoncini
1 jar Giuliano Sliced Cherry Peppers
1 tablespoon oil, vinegar
Salt and pepper, to taste


1. Layer cheese, sliced meats, tomato, onion, Giuliano Peperoncini, and Giuliano Sliced Cherry Peppers on top of sliced Italian bread.

2. Drizzle oil and vinegar, salt and pepper on top. Enjoy!